Cyclical maintenance

Appointed contractors carry out planned work such as painting the outside of your property or replacing kitchen units as part of our planned and cyclical maintenance programmes.

To keep your building in a good state of repair, we repaint external woodwork (such as windows, doors, fascia and soffit board), and shared / communal areas on a regular basis. We also carry out repairs to the outside of the property and inspect and repair roofs if necessary.when non-urgent repairs arise, we may decide to wait and include them in future planned or cyclical maintenance programmes. 

Gas safety checks

Making sure your gas appliances are safe is an important service we provide to our tenants and we employ fully qualified contractors to check them annually. These checks are incredibly important and legally required, and we expect you to comply, as a condition of your tenancy.

As gas safety certificates (also known as cp12 certificates) are only valid for 12 months, you’ll need to allow us to access your property for the gas safety check at least one month before your current certificate expires. We will try to arrange an appointment with you at a time that’s convenient for you.