When you sign a tenancy you agree to pay rent, which is the charge for living in your home. It is used to pay for services, such as repairs, maintenance and housing management. Some of the money is used to pay for improvements to tenants’ homes.

Service charges

Service charges pay for communal services such as cleaning, grounds maintenance, lighting pest control and door entry systems.

Other charges

Heating and hot water

Charges are added if there is a block heating and/or hot water system. They are not covered by housing benefit but paid for by you.

Water and sewerage

Water and sewerage charges are set by the local water company. For homes without a water meter, we collect the money for the water company. If a meter is installed, you pay the water company direct. These charges are not covered by housing benefit but paid for by you.

We may charge for other facilities like storage sheds and parking spaces.

How much do i pay and when?


Rent levels are set by the government and based on the value of your home and the average income of people living in your area.

When is rent due?

Rent is due weekly in advance on a monday. However, we accept payment every two weeks or monthly.

If a two weekly or monthly arrangement is agreed, the rent must still be covered in advance.

Example of a monthly rent payable:

If the weekly charge is £127.52, the monthly payment will be
£ 127.52 × 52 weeks ÷ 12 months = £552.59 (= monthly rent)

 rent changes

Rent changes usually take place each april. Rents can go up or down.

Legally we have to give residents four weeks’ notice of any rent increase. We must send a ‘notice of variation’ letter before an increase can take effect.

If you are claiming housing benefit, please inform the housing benefit department of your council about your rent change in good time.